Technically Sophisticated, Tactically Proven
Superior, custom flat panel displays and bezels solutions for mission-critical applications, plus a wide range of services that provide extra-value every step of the way.

Wherever cost-effective, consistent and intuitive performance is paramount and downtime is not an option, you’ll find ultra-rugged Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology solutions from Orbit Electronics Group exceeding operation requirements.

Orbit’s Tulip Development Laboratory (TDL) is a trusted supplier of choice for leading-edge mission-critical displays and bezels with extreme environmental and operational survivability. Their custom designed and manufactured electronic subsystems are major components for military aircraft, shipboard, handheld and ground-based programs, as well as for business-critical industrial applications.

TDL’s decades of proven design expertise, command of human factor and usability engineering and highly refined ability to align HMI design with Key Performance Indicators enable TDL to leverage both proven and emerging technologies in the development of visionary HMI solutions for state-of-the-future systems as well as legacy system upgrades.

By employing the most modern break-through technologies, TDL is able to design, manufacture and support MIL-SPEC quality devices having NVIS/NVG night vision-compatible illuminated switch and display panels; sealed data entry keypads; NBC-resistant LED illuminated keypads; and active matrix LCD assemblies. Chassis are sealed to isolate internal electronics from extreme shock, high G-forces, vibration, dust and blowing sand, moisture, solar degradation, pressure, and more.

Tulip Development Laboratory (TDL), is a member of the Orbit Electronics Group. It operates in close collaboration with its sister companies -- Orbit Instrument, and Integrated Combat Systems (ICS), and with Behlman Electronics, a key member of the Orbit Power Group, to provide an unmatched range of demonstrably superior options and cost-effective solutions.


"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles."
Steve Jobs