TDL provides ultra-rugged, MIL-SPEC compliant, customized displays of all types, sizes and shapes, to meet the needs of air, sea and land operations, no matter how rigorous.

TDL mission-critical instrument displays are appropriate for ground vehicle and cockpit applications where bright sunlight and severe environmental stresses are the norm. For example, custom-designed to user specifications, state-of-the-art AMLCD displays are ideal for battlefield management applications, as control terminals or situational displays with superior operator interfaces. Options include multiple programmable keys, touch control, integrated computers for pre-loaded mission information, and heating. With excellent high ambient light/sunlight and off-angle readability, they also offer outstanding night vision imaging (NVIS/NVG), as they are dimmable to very low NIT values; LED backlighting can be integrated with instrument dimming controls. Compact machined aluminum chassis, sealed to isolate internal electronics from extreme shock, high G’s, vibration and dust. MIL-SPEC reliability is ensured in extreme environments including high humidity, thermal extremes, high g-forces and vibration, blowing sand and dust, bright sunlight, NVIS solar degradation, pressure, NBC decontamination, and more.

Because no two applications are identical, TDL will custom design and manufacture displays and bezels to meet your specifications and requirements in every way. Instead of wasting your valuable time downloading data sheets for displays used in other programs, simply contact TDL at or telephone +1 631 435-8300 for immediate customized assistance.


When lives depend on precise, efficient Human-Machine Interfaces, customers worldwide depend on TDL’s vast experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of highly ruggedized, full custom military and commercial display bezels, illuminated keypads and Integrated Switch Panels (ISP). Whether intended for multifunction, situational, navigation, command/control or weapons system control, each bezel or panel is ideally suited for the applications specified. Multiple programmable keys, soft keys, keyboard designs, switches, toggles and/or computer data inputs can be accommodated, including inputs seamlessly integrated with touch screen display technology. Highly readable in both bright daylight and low light conditions, they can also provide outstanding night vision (NVIS/NVG) readability as all HMI inputs can feature selective dimming to very low NIT levels.

These ISP solutions can support new operator functionalities, yet still serve as form-fit-function replacements for existing systems. They can be designed to accommodate existing panel or mounting specifications with minimal modification, making them ideal for retrofit applications that deliver improved situational awareness, superior operator interfaces and provision for advanced technologies.

Proprietary design/manufacturing solutions assure MIL-SPEC reliability in extreme environments including high humidity, blowing sand and dust, bright sunlight, NVIS solar degradation, temperature variation, pressure, NBC decontamination, and more. To ensure that systems and software work perfectly for each application, units are custom-designed/manufactured to each client’s specifications at time of order.

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."