Founded in 1978 as an electronics engineering and consulting firm, Tulip Development Laboratory (TDL) has continuously evolved to become a world-class provider of custom displays and bezels, and special services that enable customers to benefit from our expertise throughout every stage of their own program development and implementation. Consultation with TDL very early in customers’ programs can prevent errors along the way, reduce overall program costs, ensure the precise fit, connection, compatibility, operability and function needed for a successful program, and provide timely delivery of displays and bezels.

TDL’s products have diverse applications in military and industrial programs. They are found in simulators, avionics, maritime and ground-based vehicle and hand-held systems.

TDL displays and bezels provide every technology and service needed to optimize your systems’ performance.

Here are a few technology examples:

  • Night vision compatibility
  • Sealed data entry keyboards
  • Illuminated NBC keypad products
  • LED illumination
  • Development of military AMLCD assemblies
  • Proprietary techniques for mounting, ruggedizing, and backlighting custom panels for military and commercial avionic requirements.

TDL services feature:

  • Consultation at every stage of your program
  • Quick response
  • Prototyping
  • Dedicated manufacturing
    • Short run
    • Long run
  • After sale support, maintenance and repair
  • Training documentation

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